Venetian Masks: Shop Online!

Posted by on August 24, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed… we recently added to our vast masquerade mask range handmade deluxe venetian masks! For when you don’t want just an ordinary fancy dress accessory but something a bit more daring! And now you can buy venetian masks online too!

The difference with our other venetian mask range is the fact that these luxury venetian masquerades are handcrafted one by one by artisans from Venice using traditional decorating techniques to bring the Italian passion for arts in every mask. All of them are lightweight and made out of paper Mache.  

Venetian masks come in different styles, here a list of the most popular out there:

Bauta Mask

bauta mask

Also called “Casanova” this mask covers almost your entire face, has a squarish shape and ensures you total anonymity.

The Columbina Mask

columbina mask

Usually considered the female counterpart of the Bauta mask, this type of mask is an eye-mask heavily decorated that covers the wearer’s eyes, cheeks and sometimes nose. Always glamorous and beautiful and easy to wear.

The Medico della Peste Mask

plague doctor mask

In English, its name is “Plague Doctor Mask” because its design resembles the original mask that doctors during plague times used to wear to protect themselves. A long nose is the main characteristic of this mask, like a Pinocchio with a twist.

The Pantalone Mask

pantalone mask

A short beak and a rather scary look makes this half-face mask a very particular one.

The Zanni Mask

zanni mask

A long nose (a bit like the medico della peste style) with bulging eyebrows and a low forehead.

Looking for a venetian mask shop in London?

f you rather go into one of our shops and take a closer look, don’t be shy, we have shops in Croydon, Sutton  and Clapham Junction.

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