Top tips to choose your Costume

Posted by on November 2, 2012

Don’t just follow the crowd or trends, follow this little tricks and you’ll be the coolest guest at any fancy dress party, no matter what your outfit is!


1. Be true. Always try to keep it to your personal preference, nothing more awkward than being dressed up as something/someone you are not that into or you just don’t feel comfortable with. If you don’t like Lady Gaga, don’t just go for it because you know it’s trendy. Be unique and I bet you’ll be more spectacular than the trendiest costume out there.choose-your-fancy-dress

2.Body Image / Self Love. Don’t choose costumes that expose more than what you actually want to show. Trust me on this. Having fun is all that matters, and if you are going to spend 88% of the time thinking and being worried about “how you look”, it’s pointless. On the same train of thought, don’t skip choosing the “fever” sexy collection if that’s what you want. But again, if you know you are self conscious about any part of your body (you shouldn’t anyway!) don’t expect it to go away miraculously that night. The least you want is again, to be pushed backwards by your fancy dress instead forward to a great party!

3.Choose Wisely. Find out what are the absolute must haves and what accessories/ props can be left behind. If you over accessorize or carry something on your hand because it’s “part of your character” you might as well make sure it is necessary for your fancy dress. If you learn you can do without, then skip it, you don’t want to be carrying a fake gun or whatever while you dance! And the same applies to accessories, you don’t want to look cluttered, a good fancy dress looks neat, good and easy to recognize!

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