Holiday Shopping – How to Avoid Queuing

Yes! The holiday season gives our wallets a lot of stress and consumes a lot of time from our agendas, considering we are all out there trying to get away with buying our presents for Christmas.

But nowadays, thanks to an internet connection, wherever you are and without caring what time it is, you can always shop for your party goods (yes! There’s a life outside Facebook my friends!)… Have you considered shopping for your Christmas decorations & fancy dress online?

Even though almost every business in the UK has a web shop available, it’s still true that a lot of people still don’t trust this way of purchasing items, say because they are not comfortable with it, because they prefer to see the things before buying them, etc. That’s why our doors are always open to visit us at our different retail branches.

Party Superstores has an online web shop too. It’s not the a selection of what you will find if you visit our stores. We just hand picked the best selling items and hang them to the cyberspace so you can also buy from us without moving from your own home.



Visit our online sales page, or come visit us at Clapham Junction, Croydon , Guildford, Harrow, Sutton, Woking!

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It’s Christmas Time!


You might not believe it yet, but tomorrow December is going to start with no mercy: Lots of gatherings, new year’s eve drinks with co-workers, lunch with friends and dinner with family.

It’s that time of the year where we start looking for good and well priced party decorations such as xmas trees, lights, bunting, outfits and accessories, and other more. Where are all these things during the rest of the year? They seem to hide and then pop up slowly until they invade every shop window.

Sure, you can find all these at your local department store, but buying from a party shop makes it all different. Since party good suppliers live for this moments they make sure they have it all, better and cheaper. So why spend more when you can still make it under a budget?

Seasonal Products that we have in stores:

– Fancy Dress: Father Christmas for Ladies, Mens & Children . Elves, Trees, Puddings, Angels, Reindeers, Kings, and lots more of related themed costumes.

– Accessories: Wigs & Masks, Hats, Bells, Antlers, Noses, Gloves, Boppers, Angel Wings, Lights…

– Party Makeup (Face & Body Paint)

– General flags & Bunting

– Disposable tableware (for an easy after party cleaning!)


If you are looking for some inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit one of our many stores.

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Top tips to choose your Costume

Don’t just follow the crowd or trends, follow this little tricks and you’ll be the coolest guest at any fancy dress party, no matter what your outfit is!


1. Be true. Always try to keep it to your personal preference, nothing more awkward than being dressed up as something/someone you are not that into or you just don’t feel comfortable with. If you don’t like Lady Gaga, don’t just go for it because you know it’s trendy. Be unique and I bet you’ll be more spectacular than the trendiest costume out there.choose-your-fancy-dress

2.Body Image / Self Love. Don’t choose costumes that expose more than what you actually want to show. Trust me on this. Having fun is all that matters, and if you are going to spend 88% of the time thinking and being worried about “how you look”, it’s pointless. On the same train of thought, don’t skip choosing the “fever” sexy collection if that’s what you want. But again, if you know you are self conscious about any part of your body (you shouldn’t anyway!) don’t expect it to go away miraculously that night. The least you want is again, to be pushed backwards by your fancy dress instead forward to a great party!

3.Choose Wisely. Find out what are the absolute must haves and what accessories/ props can be left behind. If you over accessorize or carry something on your hand because it’s “part of your character” you might as well make sure it is necessary for your fancy dress. If you learn you can do without, then skip it, you don’t want to be carrying a fake gun or whatever while you dance! And the same applies to accessories, you don’t want to look cluttered, a good fancy dress looks neat, good and easy to recognize!

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Group Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Halloween

If you are planning to go to a fancy dress party with a group of friends, or your family, work mates, neighbours, then you might want to consider wearing matching costumes in a themed range. Imagine how cool it will look if all of you together have a related outfit! A great way to show how much you love your friends or just a way of making a good impression wherever it is that you are going.

Also, if you are a little shy, knowing that you are part of a “team” will make you feel less exposed while you are all dressed up. So go pair with a bunch of friends or someone you know and have a blast with these group costumes ideas for halloween! (or any occasion for that matter!)

Star Wars



If you are a minimum of 3 and between you there’s a girl/woman no problem! Then, star wars themed outfits could be your to go idea. A Jedi, Darth Vader, and Princess Leia is all you need to make an entrance to that party from a galaxy far, far away… may the force be with you and have a blast!

Scooby Doo



Ideal for 2 couples going double? Or just any group of 4 with 2 girls and 2 men. Scooby Doo is loved by adults and children alike, and the sixties vibe costumes makes them suitable for a themed disco party or any halloween, comic convention gathering! Velma, Fred, Shaggy and Daphne, now go solve that mistery!




Become cool Marionettes inspired in this sixties british science fiction tv series… Calling the Thunderbirds! Scott Tracy and its crew (Virgil, Alan, Gordon, John) are fun to remember and make a great retro vintage dress up theme. FAB?





Woohoo! There’s so many characters here that the more the merrier! Starting with Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy & the Joker, there’s a lot to choose from! Not to mention 3 different Batman fancy dress styles, Dark Knight or classic one! If you are a big group of friends, this one is a true winner! Next Halloween party you will definitely make a cool group picture all together!



The Avengers



Recently one of the top best films in action/comics related, the avengers feature the always amazing Iron Man, the strong Incredible Hulk, charming Captain America, and beautiful Black Widow. So, with 4 people you are ready to go and rescue the innocent and save the world from disasters.




There will be a second part to this post, since this a topic that always has new costumes to add to it. Stay tune for the next post. Any suggestion?

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Top best Couples Costumes for Halloween

halloween-tipsIt’s Halloween month! Every year, when October arrives we start wondering what to wear! There’s always new fancy dress costumes, masks, wigs and accessories to indulge in and it’s hard to choose. And the task is even harder if you want to come up with ideas for two! Couples Costumes are always amusing and if done right, you will stand out anywhere you go!

Couples Costumes

If you are dressing up with a friend, boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife, sister or whoever is joining you for a themed party a “couple” match fancy dress is a good idea. Here you have some costumes that can be a great hand by hand look.

The Incredibles

incrediblesBecome this dynamic couple with an inspired costume from the animation movie by Pixar and Disney, “The Incredibles”. Elastigirl and Mr Incredible are crime-fighting superheroes beloved by children and adults too, and are also parents! Designed by “Edna Mode” the uniform suits perfectly each incredible member family’s superpower. This set of costumes are suitable also for your whole family! Dash, Violet & Jack Jack.

She-Ra & He-Man

she-ra-and-he-man-costumesFrom the planet of Eternia, these twin brothers are no next door neighbours. Their alter egos are Princess Adora and Prince Adam. They defend the realm of Eternia from the evil forces of Skeletor. They both have swords to protect the innocent and they are a cute retro superhero idea. The he-man costume includes muscles so you don’t have to work out before you wear it! She-ra costume is sexy, but leaves a lot to imagination, making it perfect to feel comfortable dancing and walking around!

The Flintstones

flintstones-costumesFred and Wilma Flintstone.  “They’re the modern stone age family. From the town of Bedrock, they’re a page right out of history. “ Yabba Dabba doo time is on the top of the list if you both dress up as the Flintstones cartoon couple. These caveman and cavewoman fancy dress parody is funny and also will entertain children and adults remembering their childhood alike! A blast from the past for sure!


The Flash

flash-couples-costumesNicknamed the Scarlet Speedster, just because his super ability is to run and move extremely fast and seemingly move like violating laws of physics and gravity. The Flash costume has been sported by “The Big Band Theory” guys, making it very popular nowadays and a staple in themed clothing. The Flash first appearance comic book is one of the most valuable in the world. Here you have a flash lady costume to pair up with your partner, and play “catch me if you can”!


Avatar: Neytiri & Jake Sully

avatar-couples-fancy-dressJames Cameron’s latest movie, “Avatar” not only won several awards but was also one of the most impressive movies of our times. This remake of “Dancing with Wolves” offers the same story, but in a futuristic ambiance and with a tribe native to another planet in space. Super cool and trendy you can’t go wrong with dressing up as a Na’vi habitant. Just be careful who touches your tail!


Captain America & American Dream

captain-america-american-dream-costumes-for-couplesOne of the most popular Avengers superhero is Captain America, also called the Sentinel of Liberty, Yeoman American, and also plain “Cap”. This Marvel comic dates from the 40s! American Dream is the perfect female companionship for the Captain America costume and she is a member of the A-Next team. This is a great and stunning couple, for sure. Go for it!



ghostbusters-couple-costumesVenkman, Winston, Ray & Aykroyd are unforgettable. They fought the ghosts that were haunting around and also made us laugh non stop. Too bad there wasn’t a Ghostbuster girl on their team, but that’s what fancy dress parties are for! Become a sexy Ghostbuster Girl! These two have a lot of fun ahead of them, and they will stand out of the crowd for sure!


Batman & Batgirl

batman-couples-fancy-dressNeed we say more? Batman is one of the ultimate superheroes, and it’s around all media: films, comics, tv series and all. Batman, the caped crusader, wears a bat-themed costume to fight the crime and evil. Both are from Gotham City and sometimes even work together. For comic lovers, superhero fans and everyone! This is a great pair.


Superman & Supergirl

Supergirl-&-Superman-costumes-couplesA true American Cultural Idol and also worldwide known figure, Superman is one of the most outstanding Dc Comics Superheroes. Affiliated to the Justice League and to the Legion of Super-Heroes he never rests. Superman has also been featured in TV series such as “Smallville”, cartoons, films and comic books. Super girl can be the perfect match for this powerful man, since she is his female counterpart, and she is also vulnerable to Kryptonite! 

Superhero Parody

superhero-parodies-costumesIf you don’t want to be a mainstream idol, why not get a costume that parodies all these superheroes and super heroines and personalize it the way you want? A not so fit version of them is kind of ironic and an unknown crime fighter can be a novelty among all the usual Halloween costumes!



So here you go, 10 best ideas for Halloween costumes for two, so now go grab your partner, grandmother, uncle, neighbour or nephew and choose your fancy dress and have a great Halloween!

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