Bestival – Your festival fashion is ready to party!

There are many summer concerts worth of travelling for, and Bestival is definitely one of them. This 4 day music party-show is ready to rock our socks off this next Semptember in the Isle of Wight.


If you don’t have any festival experience, Bestival might be a great place to start. This is the kind of experience that it’s enjoyable with all your five senses. Great looks, fashion, attitudes, music, art and a great community that just gets together to have a good time.

Check out the line up and get your groove on with your favourite artist.

Looks are super important when attending these events. We know, believe us, because in summer our shops are usually filled with lots of festival attendees asking for their favourite items: fun coloured wigs, masquerade masks, party makeup, big flags and crazy costumes to wear and stand out in the big, huge and exciting crowd.

A few tips on how to choose the perfect gear for your festival experience:

– Keep it comfortable, a few accessories can make a whole new look without the need of wearing ten thousand things at the same time.

– Be colourful! Summer is almost here, shine like a diamond!

– Set a theme among friends and agree on wearing matching outfits: fun and perfect.

Remember to visit us at our many locations: Harrow, Clapham Junction, Croydon, Guildford, Woking & Sutton.

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Father’s Day Party Tips



Spice up your father’s day celebration with some party store novelties! This will make your 3rd Sunday of June way more colourful and picturesque.

This holiday is not just about gifts. You can set up your own house or dad’s office, garage, or patio for the ultimate festive Sunday without spending much money but definitely making it memorable.

If you are lucky enough and you are able to plan ahead, we suggest the following:

Food: Shop a few days before for groceries, even better pre-plan lunch and dinner, that way you can have more time to spend with your beloved ones. Don’t let food be a problem. If you happen to know what is his favourite dish, go ahead!

Family Activities! –  After a beautiful breakfast why not go out for a nice day out? Head to the park, favourite museum, cinema or the theatre. Maybe some tickets for his favourite football match? Surprise everyone with a nice activity out, even if it’s just a cup of coffee! The randomness makes it fun!

– Kids love to dress up. They can surely surprise dad wearing their favourite superhero costume! This day can also become a themed day Winking smile

– Keep the decorating simple but effective, you don’t want to have a lot of work after the day is finished, let’s not forget Monday is just a few hours away… so, party bunting is a quick and easy way to achieve this without much hassle and pennies.

Don’t forget that you can visit our many branches in London and see for yourself our full range on tableware (great to just throw away with no washing needed!), hand flags, pinatas, cake accesories, paper napkins and much more, everything you expect from your good old party store.

With all that said… have a great father’s day!!

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St. George’s Day!

England-St-George-FlagAlthough not an official bank holiday, St. George’s Day is a very special celebrated day on 23rd April.

A traditional custom used to be wearing a red rose in one’s lapel, although is not as common as it used to be, you still might be able to spot people on the street following this customary behaviour. Another tradition is to fly or adorn the St George’s Cross flag in some way: on your door, from your windows, halls, lobbies, pubs in particular can be seen on 23 April festooned with garlands of St George’s crosses. Traditional English foods and drink are usually served as well.

This day is commemorated in any place where St. George’s the patron saint.

If you are thinking of decorating your house, business, etc.. With some St. George’s Day Spirit we have a large range of flags, buntings, banners, bandanas, boppers, hand wave flags, afros and Top Hats, including wearable flags!

Remember to pay us a visit in our multiple stores around London, or shop with us online!

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Clapham Junction is back on business!

You can visit our “new” shop just a few steps away from Clapham Junction’s Station!
us in Londonist

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Rugby Six Nations: Flags, Bunting, Party Wigs and more!


The Rugby Six Nations vibe is all around and no matter if you are a sports fan or not, it’s most likely you are going to host some friends over to watch the game or visiting them at least for the finger food and company if not interested that much on rugby!


Either way, a nice setting is always inviting and set the right mood. Typical rugby gear consists of:

Children love to get their faces painted, so a good supply of snazaroo products can definitely keep them busy and away from the telly. Easy to prepare finger food is ideal so you can seat comfortable on your couch and just enjoy the match, without having to deal with cutlery, etc.

Plastic cups can be a fantastic idea, so you can just dispose them after everyone is gone!


Don’t forget you can purchase all our six rugby nations selection also online: @

Remember to visit any of our well stocked brunches in Sutton, Clapham Junction, Woking, Harrow, Croydon & Guildford!

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St. Patrick’s Day Range



Are you getting ready for St Patrick’s day? You should! March is going to be all over your agenda: Mother’s Day, the first day of Spring, St. Patrick’s day, Red Nose day… so you should start gearing up and be ready for when the party kicks in!

Here at Party Superstores we hold a large selection of green wigs, Leprechaun masks, boppers, and party makeup. Don’t forget to pay us a visit or check out our online store!

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Clapham Junction Re-locating!


We’ve got news right from the heart of Battersea… we will be VERY SOON re located in our good old 268 Lavender Hill store!


In case you didn’t know… Party Superstore’s Clapham Junction branch was grazed to the ground by the London Riots back in 2011. With help of Debenhams, friends and the community we’ve kept afloat this far and now it’s time to go back home… we are super excited!

We want to thank you once again all of you for your support & help, we’ve felt touched and blessed for being part of Clapham Junction’s big lovely family.

Stay tuned for more good news…

Party Superstores Team :)

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Celebrities Wigs for your own Oscar Night!


celebrties-wigsThe Oscar Academy Awards are a few days away. Have you already made your plans for this Sunday? Lots of people get together to watch the live broadcast of this event.

Are you good at guessing who will win every year? Do you like movies and follow closely your favourite actors and actresses?

We have a big selection of celebrities wigs, for men and women. So, if you were thinking of striking while the iron is hot hosting your very own fancy dress party themed after the Oscar ceremony don’t hesitate on checking out our online and in-store selection.

If you don’t like shopping online, remember you can find us at Croydon, Clapham Junction, Sutton, Guildford, Woking and Harrow.

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St. Valentine’s Day Gifts

Surprise your beloved or date with a different gift this year. Let’s move on. Enough flower bouquets, chocolate bonbons, revealing lingerie, delicate soaps and candles.

A party novelties and jokes shop can be a good option for a St. Valentine’s gift with a twist. Ever considered a beautiful venetian mask? A fun wig to wear as a one night adventure? A sassy cat woman costume, feathered fake eyelashes, glow in the dark body paint… Your imagination is the limit, there are tons of fun and sexy gifts waiting for you here at Party Superstores branches.

A popular section is also our Hen and Stag night items, since they can also be amusing for a romantic date. So you are welcome to click on our websites or visit us at our usual shops, our staff is ready to help you or you can also contact us through our webpages for advice.

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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New Year’s Eve!


A new year is coming, we want to thank you all for choosing us, giving us feedback & love, sending your pictures and spreading the word about us.

Remember we will be open at our different branches as usual, to help you out on any last minute shopping that you might require.

Celebrate big and have fun!

Party Shop London Staff and Online Team.

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