Fireworks to buy: Clapham Junction

Posted by on August 7, 2013

If you ever wondered where to buy fireworks in the UK all year around we’ve got you covered! From now on our Clapham Junction store stocks a great selection of pyrotechnic for you to display at any celebration.

We thought it might be funny to write a Fireworks Guide: “Everything you always wanted to know about fireworks and never dared to ask”. There are so many different effects and types of pyrotechnic that we thought a little bit of knowledge wouldn’t hurt anyone. Safety tips also included at the bottom of the article!


Check out our fireworks range:

Roman Candle

They can also be called just “candles”, you can bury them in the ground or any other sturdy object and just wait for them while they burn slowly and gently for a while… They vary in size & effects!


Fountains are one of the types of fireworks best suited for kids. They send out a shower of colorful sparks with very little to almost no noise.


Also called as “cakes” they contain a number of candles all grouped together. This type of firework is also known as a candle battery or candle pot.


This is a very broad term because a lot of rockets can fall under this tag. They are cylinders filled with gunpowder tied to a stick that shoot into the air.


Super popular and great for children these type of fireworks can be hand held and are pretty much safe as long as you let them go before the fire gets too close to your fingers.


Short effects but usually very spectacular: a sudden eruption or burst from the mine at ground level, shooting high into the air.

Top ten fireworks safety tips:

1        Light sparklers one at atime

2        Never give sparklers to a child under 5. (super important!)

3        Don’t handle fireworks after drinking or under a medication that can affect your judgement.

4        Keep fireworks in a closed box

5        Follow the instructions on each firework

6        Light them at arm’s length using a taper

7        Stand well back, give proper distance.

8        Never go back to a lit firework!

9        Never put fireworks in your pocket!!

10        Never throw fireworks!!

11        Keep pets indoors and children at a safe distance.

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