Father’s Day Party Tips

Posted by on June 10, 2013



Spice up your father’s day celebration with some party store novelties! This will make your 3rd Sunday of June way more colourful and picturesque.

This holiday is not just about gifts. You can set up your own house or dad’s office, garage, or patio for the ultimate festive Sunday without spending much money but definitely making it memorable.

If you are lucky enough and you are able to plan ahead, we suggest the following:

Food: Shop a few days before for groceries, even better pre-plan lunch and dinner, that way you can have more time to spend with your beloved ones. Don’t let food be a problem. If you happen to know what is his favourite dish, go ahead!

Family Activities! –  After a beautiful breakfast why not go out for a nice day out? Head to the park, favourite museum, cinema or the theatre. Maybe some tickets for his favourite football match? Surprise everyone with a nice activity out, even if it’s just a cup of coffee! The randomness makes it fun!

– Kids love to dress up. They can surely surprise dad wearing their favourite superhero costume! This day can also become a themed day Winking smile

– Keep the decorating simple but effective, you don’t want to have a lot of work after the day is finished, let’s not forget Monday is just a few hours away… so, party bunting is a quick and easy way to achieve this without much hassle and pennies.

Don’t forget that you can visit our many branches in London and see for yourself our full range on tableware (great to just throw away with no washing needed!), hand flags, pinatas, cake accesories, paper napkins and much more, everything you expect from your good old party store.

With all that said… have a great father’s day!!

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