Clapham Junction

Just a few steps away from Britain’s busiest train station, Clapham Junction, you can find one of the most beloved party shops in the neighbourhood: Party Superstores.

What will you find?

Masquerade masks, fancy dress wigs, tablecloths and tableware, balloons, novelty party goods, decorations, accessories and lots of trinkets! Everything for a party!


274 Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction, London SW11 1LJ (Opposite Debenhams)

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Telephone: 020 7924 3210

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This party shop opened back in the days of 1994 and still remains a family business. Whether you’re looking for a party wig, a masquerade mask, fancy dress costume or a tablecloth to keep away clumsy guests from spilling drinks on your beautiful table this is your place.

Impossible not to see, Party Superstores in Clapham Junction is just opposite Debenhams department store.

Although this is a retail store for party supplies, you can always buy in bulk if you are organizing a big venue! Special discounts and seasonal sales may apply and be on your lucky side. Always ask a member of staff, you never know.

Don’t let the friendly staff and massive selection trick you, this is a mean party shop! It will confuse you with unbelievably numerous unique types of invitations, balloons, birthday candles, cake toppers, party bags goodies and lots more.

Every year, new decorations, banners and themed fancy dress accessories become available as fashion, trends, celebrities and new movies come along. And that’s how you can tell how good a party store is, just check out how up to date it is! What party novelties retailer can be proud of itself without a Lady Gaga Wig? A Kate Middleton cardboard face mask? Or even without a huge Afro Disco hairpiece?

Common categories for party wigs include 20s and 50s wigs, 60s and 70s hippie & disco eras & the glamour of the 80s.

You can also find them divided by: afros and dreads, seasonal (as in Christmas and Halloween), fun coloured ones, and by style.

There is also themed ones such as geisha, pirates, siren, Princess, Star Wars and any other particular character you are thinking of dressing up as. Celebrities’ hairstyles are usually found too as party wigs to purchase and wear!

Masks usually go from venetian, to plain simple, feathered, themed and burlesque style. Don’t forget creepy and scary ones and animal faces and also famous people!

If you’re a smart buyer you can keep it on a budget and still indulge in lots of cool supplies to be the best guest you can be. Tip: if you are considering a “themed” gathering, you can ask the staff for the must have items! You can always pick the ones that you find best for yourself.

We all love party shops that have everything! And that’s why I give Party Superstores the thumbs up!

Have fun!