Christmas Costumes ideas: What does your costume mean?

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Looking for nice ideas for your next jingle bells look? Don’t be troubled by what will your next merry outfit will say about you! Find out what does your Christmas fancy dress mean before you go and grab yours from any of our party shops! Have fun browsing our Christmas costumes range!

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Santa Claus Fancy Dress


santa costumes

If you choose to be Santa Claus: You love children or  you just love red or you might have grown a belly thanks to the winter time so you are more than pleased to dress up as Santa.  But above all, you still think BIG buckle belts are in, even though your friends already sat you down to talk about it.

Elves Fancy Dress


elves costumes

Your parents named you Marzipan Tinselleaves and you are cheerful and you secretly wish you could wear the cute curly elves’ shoes all year around so you never miss a chance to be a little Christmas elf when asked for.

Christmas Pudding Fancy Dress


pudding costumes


We get it. You love chocolate. Well, pudding. Well, dessert, in general. OK! You love food. You blog about it and you will be posting a selfie of you as your ultimate foodie caption. “I’m so yum yum I could nom nom myself”. #foodie #yums #noms

Christmas Tree Fancy Dress


chirstmas tree costumes

You were desperate and didn’t know what to wear. Or even worse, your mum forgot to buy a tree this year, panicked last minute before hosting a big dinner and just told you to stand there in the corner all night. And be still.

Jesus Fancy Dress


jesus costumes

You love to be the centre of attention or it’s your birthday so you are so entitled to be Jesus nobody can argue. Another also possible scenario: you couldn’t be bothered to shave your beard. 

Angel Fancy Dress


angel costumes

You are trying hard to convince everyone you are a nice person. A really nice person. See my wings? I’m a bloody angel. I’m nice. Do you want to be my friend? And what do you think of my halo?

Christmas Onesie


onesies costumes christmas


You are always cold, lazy and never wear anything else but pyjamas. Why bother? You will always go to sleep at the end of the day anyway, so why go through the extra step of changing clothes? Someday people will understand your point of view, in the meantime… Onesies.

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