Boys Book Week Costumes

Posted by on January 10, 2015

 Book Week is not so far away, preparations have to be done! If you are looking for inspiration to dress up your children, we’ll start with Book Week Costumes for Boys. We’ve covered all the classics just like Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Victorian Dickensian boy to the latest ones such as Harry Potter and Horrid Henry.

Robin Hood / Peter Pan

robin hood costume kidsRobin Hood is a classic in Children’s Literature and part of English folklore, this highly skilled archer it’s always a good option. This costume can also be adapted for a Peter Pan Fancy Dress just switch the arch for the sword!

Pirate Captain Hook


pirate hook costumes kids

captain hook costume kids

Captain Hook, the main antagonist of Peter Pan’s story. Famous for his left hook instead of hand, this villain is always popular among children.

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka

Owner of the Chocolate Factory and a very unusual person, Willy Wonka can create all the chocolate he wants! This Jacket with attached vest and top hat will stand out!

Oompa Loompa


Side-kicks of Willy Wonka, just like a sort of Santa’s little helpers, the Oompa Loompa’s are the workers at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Great for a group fancy dress idea.

Prince Charming

prince costume children

Many many fairy and Disney stories call for a lovely prince charming that sweeps the princess or the lady off her feet. A lovely blue jacket and white trousers suit. Comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

Harry Potter


harry potter costume kidswizard boy harry potter fancy dress

These Hogwarts Wizard Robe can be a great fancy dress costume! Add spectacles and a wand and you are ready to cast a spell! Sizes go from Small to Large.

Victorian Dickensian Hatter Boy


dickensian boy costume

A lovely period costume suitable for any Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist, Mad Hatter and any other Victorian style character. The costumes includes trousers, jacket with tail a neck tie and of course, a hat!



pinocchio costume

This fairy-tale puppet has been popular from early generations until now. A colourful fancy dress and always a favourite among children.

Mad Hatter



Alice in Wonderland’s crazy character, the mad hatter is a beloved and unforgettable part of this amazing story. This all in one tailcoat, waistcoat will look amazing. Includes also Shirt, Bow Tie and of course, hat.

Horrid Henry


horrid henry children costume

Horrid Henry stories have been around for years now. Henry always comes up with the most complicated and interesting ways of solving a problem, unlike his brother Perfect Peter.

Get into horrid adventures with this Horrid Henry costume that includes the printed top, trousers and the mask.

Detective/Sherlock Holmes


sherlock detective costume kids

Detective adventures and suspense are all around children’s literature stories so why not dress up as one of the most memorable detective characters? This Sherlock Holmes costume includes the cape and the hat. Add a magnifying glass and you are ready to go!

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