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Holiday Shopping – How to Avoid Queuing

Yes! The holiday season gives our wallets a lot of stress and consumes a lot of time from our agendas, considering we are all out there trying to get away with buying our presents for Christmas. But nowadays, thanks to an internet connection, wherever you are and without caring what time it is, you can … Continue reading »

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It’s Christmas Time!

You might not believe it yet, but tomorrow December is going to start with no mercy: Lots of gatherings, new year’s eve drinks with co-workers, lunch with friends and dinner with family. It’s that time of the year where we start looking for good and well priced party decorations such as xmas trees, lights, bunting, … Continue reading »

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Top tips to choose your Costume

Don’t just follow the crowd or trends, follow this little tricks and you’ll be the coolest guest at any fancy dress party, no matter what your outfit is!   1. Be true. Always try to keep it to your personal preference, nothing more awkward than being dressed up as something/someone you are not that into … Continue reading »

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Group Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Halloween

If you are planning to go to a fancy dress party with a group of friends, or your family, work mates, neighbours, then you might want to consider wearing matching costumes in a themed range. Imagine how cool it will look if all of you together have a related outfit! A great way to show … Continue reading »

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Top best Couples Costumes for Halloween

It’s Halloween month! Every year, when October arrives we start wondering what to wear! There’s always new fancy dress costumes, masks, wigs and accessories to indulge in and it’s hard to choose. And the task is even harder if you want to come up with ideas for two! Couples Costumes are always amusing and if … Continue reading »

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