80s Fancy Dress: Ladies Costumes

Posted by on April 26, 2016

It’s the decade of Madonna at her best, Miami Vice, Adam Ant, Milli Vanilli, Punk Rock and so many fabulous fashion trends that we all love to pretend we’re over with, but secretly wish our next fancy dress themed party calls for it. The most colourful, flashy, bizarre decade of them all: BRING ON THE EIGHTIES!

When we talk about the 1980s fashion sense, forget about less is more. More WAS more during these years and we meant business. We will now “deconstruct” the ultimate female 1980s look. Hopefully you’ll be full of inspiration to assemble your own 80s fancy dress or customize it to the next level. Here we go! But, if you are lazy to create your own look, no worries! We’ve got a fantastic range of 80s outfits on our Party Superstores Website.

The great thing about the eighties is that you can ironically pull it off both ways: going crazy and putting everything on or just handpicking a few eighties accessories characteristic items that will definitely make everyone go: “aaah you’re an 80s chick!”

Must haves:

Leg Warmers

Even though in extreme cold conditions you might be glad to have a pair of these, when we actually think of leg warmers, movies like “Flashdance!” come to mind. Quick tip: The funkiest colour you can find, the better, like these neon orange leg warmers.

Bum Bag

A bum bag is a funny yet practical accessory. Shame that we can’t use it on a daily basis without being stared at as if we are time travellers or something. Go crazy with it!


Again, crazy patterns, animal prints, neon, colours, stripes, everything goes, even transparent mesh! Go wild!

Belts, Necklaces…

Put on all your jewellery, colours, plastic, metal, gold, anything goes! Flashy necklaces, tons of bracelets and funky earrings and you can’t go wrong.

On our next post we’ll cover: ladies 80s make-up and hairstyles and for the guys…. last but not forgotten! How to pull off an 80s costume too.

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