80s Fancy Dress: Ladies Costumes

It’s the decade of Madonna at her best, Miami Vice, Adam Ant, Milli Vanilli, Punk Rock and so many fabulous fashion trends that we all love to pretend we’re over with, but secretly wish our next fancy dress themed party calls for it. The most colourful, flashy, bizarre decade of them all: BRING ON THE EIGHTIES!

When we talk about the 1980s fashion sense, forget about less is more. More WAS more during these years and we meant business. We will now “deconstruct” the ultimate female 1980s look. Hopefully you’ll be full of inspiration to assemble your own 80s fancy dress or customize it to the next level. Here we go! But, if you are lazy to create your own look, no worries! We’ve got a fantastic range of 80s outfits on our Party Superstores Website.

The great thing about the eighties is that you can ironically pull it off both ways: going crazy and putting everything on or just handpicking a few eighties accessories characteristic items that will definitely make everyone go: “aaah you’re an 80s chick!”

Must haves:

Leg Warmers

Even though in extreme cold conditions you might be glad to have a pair of these, when we actually think of leg warmers, movies like “Flashdance!” come to mind. Quick tip: The funkiest colour you can find, the better, like these neon orange leg warmers.

Bum Bag

A bum bag is a funny yet practical accessory. Shame that we can’t use it on a daily basis without being stared at as if we are time travellers or something. Go crazy with it!


Again, crazy patterns, animal prints, neon, colours, stripes, everything goes, even transparent mesh! Go wild!

Belts, Necklaces…

Put on all your jewellery, colours, plastic, metal, gold, anything goes! Flashy necklaces, tons of bracelets and funky earrings and you can’t go wrong.

On our next post we’ll cover: ladies 80s make-up and hairstyles and for the guys…. last but not forgotten! How to pull off an 80s costume too.

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Venetian Masks: Shop Online!

In case you haven’t noticed… we recently added to our vast masquerade mask range handmade deluxe venetian masks! For when you don’t want just an ordinary fancy dress accessory but something a bit more daring! And now you can buy venetian masks online too!

The difference with our other venetian mask range is the fact that these luxury venetian masquerades are handcrafted one by one by artisans from Venice using traditional decorating techniques to bring the Italian passion for arts in every mask. All of them are lightweight and made out of paper Mache.  

Venetian masks come in different styles, here a list of the most popular out there:

Bauta Mask

bauta mask

Also called “Casanova” this mask covers almost your entire face, has a squarish shape and ensures you total anonymity.

The Columbina Mask

columbina mask

Usually considered the female counterpart of the Bauta mask, this type of mask is an eye-mask heavily decorated that covers the wearer’s eyes, cheeks and sometimes nose. Always glamorous and beautiful and easy to wear.

The Medico della Peste Mask

plague doctor mask

In English, its name is “Plague Doctor Mask” because its design resembles the original mask that doctors during plague times used to wear to protect themselves. A long nose is the main characteristic of this mask, like a Pinocchio with a twist.

The Pantalone Mask

pantalone mask

A short beak and a rather scary look makes this half-face mask a very particular one.

The Zanni Mask

zanni mask

A long nose (a bit like the medico della peste style) with bulging eyebrows and a low forehead.

Looking for a venetian mask shop in London?

f you rather go into one of our shops and take a closer look, don’t be shy, we have shops in Croydon, Sutton  and Clapham Junction.

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Boys Book Week Costumes

 Book Week is not so far away, preparations have to be done! If you are looking for inspiration to dress up your children, we’ll start with Book Week Costumes for Boys. We’ve covered all the classics just like Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Victorian Dickensian boy to the latest ones such as Harry Potter and Horrid Henry.

Robin Hood / Peter Pan

robin hood costume kidsRobin Hood is a classic in Children’s Literature and part of English folklore, this highly skilled archer it’s always a good option. This costume can also be adapted for a Peter Pan Fancy Dress just switch the arch for the sword!

Pirate Captain Hook


pirate hook costumes kids

captain hook costume kids

Captain Hook, the main antagonist of Peter Pan’s story. Famous for his left hook instead of hand, this villain is always popular among children.

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka

Owner of the Chocolate Factory and a very unusual person, Willy Wonka can create all the chocolate he wants! This Jacket with attached vest and top hat will stand out!

Oompa Loompa


Side-kicks of Willy Wonka, just like a sort of Santa’s little helpers, the Oompa Loompa’s are the workers at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Great for a group fancy dress idea.

Prince Charming

prince costume children

Many many fairy and Disney stories call for a lovely prince charming that sweeps the princess or the lady off her feet. A lovely blue jacket and white trousers suit. Comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

Harry Potter


harry potter costume kidswizard boy harry potter fancy dress

These Hogwarts Wizard Robe can be a great fancy dress costume! Add spectacles and a wand and you are ready to cast a spell! Sizes go from Small to Large.

Victorian Dickensian Hatter Boy


dickensian boy costume

A lovely period costume suitable for any Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist, Mad Hatter and any other Victorian style character. The costumes includes trousers, jacket with tail a neck tie and of course, a hat!



pinocchio costume

This fairy-tale puppet has been popular from early generations until now. A colourful fancy dress and always a favourite among children.

Mad Hatter



Alice in Wonderland’s crazy character, the mad hatter is a beloved and unforgettable part of this amazing story. This all in one tailcoat, waistcoat will look amazing. Includes also Shirt, Bow Tie and of course, hat.

Horrid Henry


horrid henry children costume

Horrid Henry stories have been around for years now. Henry always comes up with the most complicated and interesting ways of solving a problem, unlike his brother Perfect Peter.

Get into horrid adventures with this Horrid Henry costume that includes the printed top, trousers and the mask.

Detective/Sherlock Holmes


sherlock detective costume kids

Detective adventures and suspense are all around children’s literature stories so why not dress up as one of the most memorable detective characters? This Sherlock Holmes costume includes the cape and the hat. Add a magnifying glass and you are ready to go!

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Christmas Costumes ideas: What does your costume mean?



Looking for nice ideas for your next jingle bells look? Don’t be troubled by what will your next merry outfit will say about you! Find out what does your Christmas fancy dress mean before you go and grab yours from any of our party shops! Have fun browsing our Christmas costumes range!

christmas collage

We’ve got shops all around London: Sutton, Clapham Junction & Croydon

Santa Claus Fancy Dress


santa costumes

If you choose to be Santa Claus: You love children or  you just love red or you might have grown a belly thanks to the winter time so you are more than pleased to dress up as Santa.  But above all, you still think BIG buckle belts are in, even though your friends already sat you down to talk about it.

Elves Fancy Dress


elves costumes

Your parents named you Marzipan Tinselleaves and you are cheerful and you secretly wish you could wear the cute curly elves’ shoes all year around so you never miss a chance to be a little Christmas elf when asked for.

Christmas Pudding Fancy Dress


pudding costumes


We get it. You love chocolate. Well, pudding. Well, dessert, in general. OK! You love food. You blog about it and you will be posting a selfie of you as your ultimate foodie caption. “I’m so yum yum I could nom nom myself”. #foodie #yums #noms

Christmas Tree Fancy Dress


chirstmas tree costumes

You were desperate and didn’t know what to wear. Or even worse, your mum forgot to buy a tree this year, panicked last minute before hosting a big dinner and just told you to stand there in the corner all night. And be still.

Jesus Fancy Dress


jesus costumes

You love to be the centre of attention or it’s your birthday so you are so entitled to be Jesus nobody can argue. Another also possible scenario: you couldn’t be bothered to shave your beard. 

Angel Fancy Dress


angel costumes

You are trying hard to convince everyone you are a nice person. A really nice person. See my wings? I’m a bloody angel. I’m nice. Do you want to be my friend? And what do you think of my halo?

Christmas Onesie


onesies costumes christmas


You are always cold, lazy and never wear anything else but pyjamas. Why bother? You will always go to sleep at the end of the day anyway, so why go through the extra step of changing clothes? Someday people will understand your point of view, in the meantime… Onesies.

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Halloween Fancy Dress & Accessories Season!


It’s here again, Halloween 2014! Are you ready? Come by to one of our shops and get ready to celebrate!


Quick Halloween Facts:

Halloween is called the evil holiday. Everyone is dressed up as scary monsters. The Celtic people originally would dress up in animal skins, but later on people wanted to do something special (and we got more vegetarians who did not like the idea of wearing animal skins), so they began to dress up as scary monsters and a new tradition began. These days you will see many different scary monsters walking around. The costumes have evolved into more creative creations, changing from the traditional monster like vampires and zombies to scary teddy bears.

The key of every costume, however are your accessories, because that gives you the possibility to make it your own creation. So let your evil mind go free, browse our Halloween accessories assortment and halloween costumes and create yourself an awesome costume! Halloween isn’t called the evil holiday for no reason!


Visit us at: Croydon, Clapham Junction & Sutton


View Party Stores in London in a larger map


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Race for Life: Attention Clapham Junction Runners!

Show cancer who’s boss by taking on a 5k or a 10k Race for Life event. Run, walk or dance your way through the course and help us say “cancer we’re coming to get you.””

That is briefly what Race for Life Clapham is all about….we couldn’t say it better! To join and learn more about it, visit their Race for Life Clapham website, join their Clapham Facebook page and don’t hesitate to join this amazing, enjoyable and great gig!

As you might already know, there is not such thing as “too much pink” so put on your craziest party wigs, masks, or favourite face paint and look pretty in pink! Come and visit our Clapham Junction branch where our friendly staff will happily recommend you the best-selling pink party products suited for this sporty and lovely venue.



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World Cup Flags, Bunting & More!




Are you a football fan? Well you must be static then! In less than 50 days 2014 Brasil Fifa World Cup kicks in!

Here at Party Superstores we are proud of our flags, bunting and novelties selection ready to ship (visit partysuperstores.com) or for you to  to purchase the old fashioned way at our stores in Croydon, Sutton, Clapham Junction

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Happy New Year!

large (Small)

The BIG Party Superstores family!

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Highlights of our Grand Reopening!

As you probably already know, our Clapham Junction store has been back to business for a while now, but, just a few weeks ago we were fully restored! Here you can take a peak of how much fun we had that day! We had an amazing time with workshops, artists, cupcakes and even a magician!  A super complete day.


All our earnings that day where given 100% to Heal Kids you can click on the link to find out more!

Don’t forget to visit us also in Sutton, Croydon, Woking & Harrow!

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Fireworks to buy: Clapham Junction

If you ever wondered where to buy fireworks in the UK all year around we’ve got you covered! From now on our Clapham Junction store stocks a great selection of pyrotechnic for you to display at any celebration.

We thought it might be funny to write a Fireworks Guide: “Everything you always wanted to know about fireworks and never dared to ask”. There are so many different effects and types of pyrotechnic that we thought a little bit of knowledge wouldn’t hurt anyone. Safety tips also included at the bottom of the article!


Check out our fireworks range:

Roman Candle

They can also be called just “candles”, you can bury them in the ground or any other sturdy object and just wait for them while they burn slowly and gently for a while… They vary in size & effects!


Fountains are one of the types of fireworks best suited for kids. They send out a shower of colorful sparks with very little to almost no noise.


Also called as “cakes” they contain a number of candles all grouped together. This type of firework is also known as a candle battery or candle pot.


This is a very broad term because a lot of rockets can fall under this tag. They are cylinders filled with gunpowder tied to a stick that shoot into the air.


Super popular and great for children these type of fireworks can be hand held and are pretty much safe as long as you let them go before the fire gets too close to your fingers.


Short effects but usually very spectacular: a sudden eruption or burst from the mine at ground level, shooting high into the air.

Top ten fireworks safety tips:

1        Light sparklers one at atime

2        Never give sparklers to a child under 5. (super important!)

3        Don’t handle fireworks after drinking or under a medication that can affect your judgement.

4        Keep fireworks in a closed box

5        Follow the instructions on each firework

6        Light them at arm’s length using a taper

7        Stand well back, give proper distance.

8        Never go back to a lit firework!

9        Never put fireworks in your pocket!!

10        Never throw fireworks!!

11        Keep pets indoors and children at a safe distance.

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